Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Basic Sign Language Skill Merit

The goal of this merit is to introduce the girls to basic sign language skills including the sign language alphabet and basic signing.

Week 1

Introduce the purpose of sign language and the sign language alphabet.  Provide a handout for all of the girls.  Introduce each letter and have the girls follow along.

Week 2

The goal this week is to review the sign language alphabet and begin forming words.  Review the alphabet several times with the girls in small groups.  Then have the leader sign three letter words and have the girls read the letters and identify the words.

Week 3

The goal this week is to continue working on mastery of the sign language alphabet and introduce how to sign each girl’s name.  Each leader will be provided with 3 x 5 cards with three letter words.  The leader will hold up each card and give the girls time to sign.  This lesson will allow the girls to practice signing by reading the words first.

Week 4

Have the girls practice signing their name.  The goal this week is to improve proficiency with the sign language alphabet.  Divide the girls into groups of two or three.  One of the girls will write down a list of 5 words.  The length of the words can be dependent on the grade level of the girls.  The object of the game is to see how fast the other girls in the group can sign the list of words.  Each girl will then rotate and get to be the leader for the game.

Week 5

Review and final lesson.  Have the girls introduce themselves using their sign for their name.  Divide the girls into groups of two or three.  Have the girls sign short sentences to each other during the session.  Speaking is not allowed. 






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Discovery Hearts Merit; Revised 5.11