Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Beach Day

Description: During the Summer, when Brave Hearts are not regularly meeting, the girls are invited to bring their families to a Beach Day. This is a great opportunity to build community amongst the Brave Heart community by meeting all the leaders, and having the girls catch up on their summer activities. Those that attend can play games, swim, cook hotdogs and hamburgers, s’mores, and have drinks provided by Brave Heart leaders. $5 is charged to cover each person eating, so enough supplies can be provided.

Preparation: Get a head count of who is attending. Clarify that if they would like to eat, they can pay the $5 the day of the Beach Day. Otherwise they can bring their own food for themselves and/or their family. Depending on the site you choose, you may need to bring all cooking utensils, and a grill, if they do not have one, or if you do not want to cook it over the bonfire pit. Disposables: Proper amounts of paper plates, napkins/wet wipes, trash bags

Supplies: EZ-ups, and tables to prep (if needed), coolers Food: Hamburger and Hot dogs, buns, condiments, individual drinks, or bottles of drinks with cups, and ice

Directions: Make sure all your attendees know the exact spot, and can park relatively close by. Anything you need to do to aid in this process will create a more successful event, because often times if attendees are frustrated with a detail such as finding the location and parking, they will have a bad experience.

Execution: Simple. Show up and set up however you want. Make sure you have fun.