Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Camping Trip

Description: This is a fun event that is planned during a time where weather is optimal. Parents, Family, and Friends of Brave Hearts can attend. Everyone shows up to the site a few hours before dinner. Most of the time, whoever is there can go on an organized hike before dinner. Burger, hot dogs, and desert is prepared for everyone, and a volunteer team is assigned to prep for dinner, while another team is in charge of clean up. This is a great opportunity to get the kids to participate, and even the older kids to lead the clean-up process. Adventure hearts have a merit that ties into camping. Tent building, rope tying, and overall camping etiquette, like campfire making/safety, proper clean up etc. This is one opportunity that the girls put these merits into practice, other than all the other times they have worked these merits. If an Adventure heart does not attend the camping trip, she can earn her merits while camping another time, planned on her own; i.e. with family or family friends etc. A campfire is made, hopefully the Adventure hearts take part in that process, and everyone gathers around the fire for s’mores, songs with guitar, story-telling and/or the girls love to come up with skits or songs they know/make up that they can share with everyone. Fire safety is practiced by putting out the fire, and everyone goes to sleep. There is a volunteer group that is in charge of breakfast and a cleaning crew for afterward. Then everyone packs up and goes home.

Preparation: All camping gear needed for camping is addressed as part of the Adventure Heart merit. For the rest of those attending those items need to be brought. Make sure volunteers are in charge of collaborating to bring certain big items such as, bbq (if none on site) and bbq related items, i.e. charcoal, lighter fluid, foil, tables for prepping, aluminum trays for placing burgers, hot dogs, buns, cheese, etc. Firewood, lighter fluid, kindling, newspaper, and matches are needed to make the campfire. Appropriate sleeping items for camping are needed, which is brought by each individual, i.e. tents, sleeping bags, pillows, toiletries, etc. Note that some might not have a tent to bring, so prepare to place multiple girls/people in same tent and to organize extra tents to be brought by other volunteers. Also note, if a father comes, it is not appropriate to have non-family members that are female in the same tent.

Execution: Make checklist s to double check all items will be accounted for. Make lists of a headcount, and organize who will be driving who.

Fee: An extra fee is charged for this event to pay for the costs of the campsite, food (snack, dinner, s'mores, breakfast, snack, lunch), craft supplies, and campout supplies (plates, cups, utensils, paper towels, hand sanitizer, water, etc). Typical fee is $30.00.