Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Christmas Caroling

Description: Christmas Caroling is an evening during the week planned to bless the students on a local college campus, during their finals week. College students are usually up late on campus studying, whether in the library or their dorm rooms. So we bring candy canes and split all the little, discovery, and adventure hearts into two groups of Brave Hearts with extra chaperones to walk the campus to sing and pass out candy canes to the students. Since we host Brave Hearts on the same campus shared with Vanguard University, a Christian school, we simply walk the campus after meeting at the usually Brave Heart meeting location. If you are looking to pick a local campus, it is advised to get proper permission from the President, as necessary.

This event blesses the local students with peace and distraction from the busy stress that they usually experience during finals week. Students’ faces light up when they hear sweet voices of cute little girls singing Christmas songs. This is also a great way to promote Brave Hearts to college students if they are interested in volunteering.

Execution: Upon planning the day that Christmas Caroling on a local College campus, the beginning of Brave Hearts meetings can be dedicated to teaching the Brave Hearts how to sing the Christmas Carols that they will sing to the students. The day of Christmas Caroling the songs can be practiced one time through until all the girls arrive.

Two leaders with guitars (optional) lead the girls/chaperones in Christmas Carols as they walk the campus. The important areas to stop are the library, the ladies dorm rooms, the student center, and mostly where students would be. Take just a few minutes to sing 2-3 songs at each location, while the Brave Hearts pass out candy canes to the students while they are studying, or just hanging out. It is not advised to interrupt classrooms that are in session or any programs where you would be an interruption.

After walking the campus, both groups head back to the same location for snacks and drinks. It is easier to serve all Brave Hearts the snack and drink if one group arrives before the other, which can be coordinated by the leaders.

Preparation Needs:

1) Two Leaders that can play Christmas Carols on Guitar.

2) mini Candy Canes.

3) Proper permission from President of College you will be visiting. 

4) If campus is far enough away, you will need to prepare rides for all Brave Hearts/Chaperones participating.

5) Snacks, drinks, cups, napkins for Brave Hearts only.