Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Christmas Craft Night

Description: On a regular Brave Hearts meeting all kinds of Christmas related Crafts are available for the Brave Hearts to freely go around the room and make all kinds of crafts.

Objective: This is a fun night for the girls, because most girls love to craft. Also, they make great Christmas gifts for the girls to make for their family and friends.

Execution: Tables are set up all throughout the room with all the proper craft items available for the girls to use. Each table has a leader/parent that has prepared the craft and provided the materials. This person will teach the girls how to make the craft as groups approach their table. Usually the girls can come and go as they please.


1) Each leader identifies several crafts; purchases supplies (reimbursed through program); and makes a model of the craft to display on the table.Typically, 8-10 crafts are identified and set up at different tables around the room.

2) Coordinate the Craft Coordinators to come early to set up their table.