Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Three Year Merit Rotation – First Year (2018-19)


Bible Merits                            Elective Merits                      Skill Merits


Genesis                                  *Pinewood Derby                   First Aid - Required

Exodus                                    Sculpture                              Friendship - Required

Deuteronomy                          Drawing                                Senior Citizen Life Skills

Numbers                               *Rawhide Ranch                                            





Three Year Merit Rotation – Second Year (2016-17)


Bible Merits                           Elective Merits                       Skill Merits


1st Samuel                              Origami                                  Safety - Required

2nd Samuel                            *Pinewood Derby                     Zoo Education Nature Skills

1st Kings                                *Rawhide Ranch                       Family Life Skills

2nd Kings                                                                                 Basic Sign Language Skill

1st Chronicles                                                                                     

2nd Chronicles                                                                                    



Three Year Merit Rotation – Third Year (2017-18)


Bible Merits                           Elective Merits                       Skill Merits


Mark                                       Music                                      Self Defense - Required

Luke                                      *Pinewood Derby                     Healthy Body Life Skills      

John                                      *Rawhide Ranch                       Eating Smart Life Skills

Acts                                                                                         World Friendship      






The three year rotation is designed to provide a variety of merits for the girls during their three years in Discovery Hearts (2nd – 4th grades). The above rotation is a guideline only.  Some merits may be rotated to a different year depending on the availability of time and resources.


Available Individual Merits that can be downloaded off of the BH website at Swimming, Gymnastics, Beginning Tap, Beginning Jazz, Beginning Hip Hop, Theater Arts, Beginning Ballet, Taekwondo, Quilting, Team Sports, Tie-Dye


*The “Pinewood Derby” and “Rawhide Ranch” merits can only be earned once during Discovery hearts even though they are available each year of the program.


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