Brave Hearts Girls Ministry


“Diva Night” was designed and created to bring together the best of “spa” features together with music, movies, fun, and a pajama catwalk.  This event has been modified over the years to include 10 “spa” and craft stations together with a token system so that the events run smoothly and without lines.

Organization of Events

The event starts off at 6:30pm with a pizza dinner in a designated food/snack room.  Small juices and water are provided.  During the dinner time, the event volunteers are setting up and organizing their stations for the 7:00 start time for the spa portion of the evening.  The leaders set up 10 baskets on a table in the large room with small numbered tokens.  Five tokens are premade for each of the 10 stations.  When the spa portion starts, each girl is allowed to come to the table and pick up one token and then head towards that station.  This ensures that there are not more than 5 girls at any one station.

The 10 stations are divided between the two classrooms.  One classroom has 1 – 5 stations including hair curling/straightening/crimping (multiple heating devices should be made available), hair braiding, hair chalk coloring, hair beading, and tiaras (made with pipe cleaners).  The second classroom has stations 6 – 10 and includes face painting (2 stations), nail painting, hair accessories (ribbons/hair clips/hair ties/hair bands), large paper doll crafts.

As the girls finish their station, they return to the front desk and select a different token.  This portion of the event lasts between 7:00 and 8:30.  At 8:25 the girls are given a five minute call to complete their current station and return to the large room for next instructions.

Healthy snacks are provided at 8:30 and have included sliced apples and caramel dip, popcorn, Pirates Bootie, grapes, pretzels and a bottle of small water. The girls are given 10 – 15 minutes to each their snacks and change into their pajamas (if they need to).

During this time, the parent volunteers clean up the spa stations and the pajama runway is set-up including the music and speakers.  Instructions are given to the girls including their runway start place, how to walk the runway and pose on the stage, and the number of times they can each walk the runway.  Depending on the number of girls, the girls have been allowed to perform a single walk, buddy walks, and small group poses. 

At approximately 8:45pm, the Lil’ Hearts are assembled into one of the classroom with the Adventure Heart girls assisting them.  All of the other Brave Hearts are instructed to sit on either side of the runway.  The music is started and the girls begin the walkway.  After all of the Lil’ Hearts have walked the runway, all of the Lil’ Hearts are brought up to the stage for a group pose.  Once this has been completed, the Discovery Hearts’ group is invited back for their preparation and the Lil’ Hearts take a seat on either side of the runway.

The event continues until all of the groups have completed their runway walks.  At the end of the event, all of the girls are asked to the stage for a final group photo.


Preparation is key for this event to run smoothly.  One to two parent volunteers/Adventure Hearts are needed to man each station.  The BH leadership are available to assist with the dinner/snack room, running the token table, and aiding at stations as needed.  Parent sign-up lists are posted on Wednesday nights two weeks prior to the event to solicit volunteers.

While the spa stations can vary, the below is a list of possible stations.

Station 1 – Hair curling/straightening/crimping

Multiple electrical hair styling products need to be brought along with several power strips to accommodate this station.  This station needs to be set up close to outlets.

Station 2 – Hair braiding

  • Hair Bands – small and large

Station 3 – Hair Chalk Coloring

  • One package of hair chalk; multiple colors

Station 4 – Hair beading

  • Multiple colored beads with small hair bands

Station 5 – Tiaras

  • Multi-colored pipe cleaners; different types; metallic; scissors

Stations 6,7 – Face Painting

  • Identify professional/amateur face painters.  These individuals will bring their own face painting kit along with sample pictures for the girls to choose from.

Station 8 – Hair Accessories

  • Assorted colors/sizes of ribbon, scissors, small and large hair clips, hair bands; elastic bands, two hot glue guns with extra glue sticks, two pie tins (to sit hot glue guns). The girls create their own masterpieces and the adult volunteers use the hot glue guns.

Station 9 – Nail Polish

  • Assorted colors of nail polish, nail polish remover, nail files, small cotton squares.

Station 10 – Paper Doll Crafts

  • Cloth scraps, paper doll templates, yarn (for hair), scissors, glue, markers

Music for the Runway

  • Create a music playlist with fun and high-energy songs. Bring portable speakers and plug in for the runway.  Music from Disney movies is a popular and fun way to go.


  • Cheese and pepperoni pizzas are purchases for the event.  The number varies depending on the number of girls who sign up for the event.
  • Assorted juices, small water bottles.
  • Health snacks including apple slices and caramel, small bags of Pirates Bootie, licorice bin, etc.
  • Paper plates, napkins


  • Prepare sign-up sheets for this event and post two weeks prior to the event in each of the sign up areas (3).
  • Prepare parent volunteer signup sheets and post two weeks prior to the event.
  • Prepare a sign-in and sign-out form for the night of the event.