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Eating Smart Merit

1.      Learn about the basic nutrients.  Water is one of the basic nutrients your body needs.  Your body needs water to survive.  There are many types of drinks that provide you with necessary fluids.

            Good fluids for your body:_________________________________________________

            Bad fluids for your body:___________________________________________________

            What about Juice?_________________________________________________________

            How much water should I drink a day?________________________________________

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2.      Carbohydrates are another important nutrient for your body.  Carbohydrates are your “energy” source.  There are two types of carbohydrates: simple and complex.  Identify foods that are loaded with simple carbohydrates and foods that are primarily complex carbohydrates.  Which are better for you?

            Examples of foods that are primarily simple carbohydrates:_______________________

            Examples of foods that are primarily complex carbohydrates:______________________

            Which type is healthier for your body?________________________________________

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3.      Proteins are a nutrient that your body needs.  Proteins are considered the “building blocks” for your muscles.  Write down some of your favorite foods that contain protein.  How can you cook foods to make them less healthy?

            Favorite protein foods:_____________________________________________________

            Less healthy protein foods:__________________________________________________

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4.       Your body also needs food rich in fats.  Fat is another important nutrient. 

            How does your body use fats?_______________________________________________
            What foods contain primarily fat?____________________________________________

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5.       Vitamins and Minerals are important for your body.  They help your body to function.

            Foods rich in vitamins and minerals:__________________________________________

            Activity:  Create a Food Person by gluing different types of healthy food onto      construction paper in the form of a body.

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6.       Learn about food labels.  The ingredients that make up food are listed on the labels.  Compare three food labels and decide which is best for you.  Food that is low in sugar and fat are healthier for you.

Healthy food:____________________________________________________________

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7.       Plan a healthy lunch.  Think about healthy foods that include protein, vitamins and minerals, and complex carbohydrates. What would you prepare?

            Activity: My Healthy meal.  Provide a wide variety of food pictures for the girls.  Have    the girls assemble different types of healthy meals.   Glue together a healthy meal on to a       paper plate.

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Merit Completed:_______________________________________
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Posted 2/09