Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Family LIfe Skills Merit

Purpose:  The goal of this merit is to help the girls appreciate the dynamics of the family and how to help out their families by serving at home, working hard in school, and enhancing family relationships.

Week 1 – Introducing the Family.  The girls will get to introduce their families to their small groups by drawing a picture of their family.  The drawings should depict the uniqueness of each member of the family.  Pets can be included as well as extended family.  Each child will then present her picture to her small group and introduce each member of the family.

Week 2 – Helping at Home.  The goal this week is to allow the girls to share how they can help their families at home.  This may include age appropriate chores/responsibilities, assisting with siblings, and helping with groceries.  This is an opportunity to encourage the girls to be “servant-helpers” at home and follow Jesus’ example.

Week 3 – Conflict Resolution.  Conflicts arise in every family.  The goal this week is to help the girls to learn an effective way to reduce and manage conflicts with siblings and/or friends.  Allow the girls to share about their greatest challenges/frustrations at home and assist them with a plan on how to resolve the conflict.

Week 4 – Being Thankful for Family.  The goal for this week is to help the girls to appreciate the blessings of their family.  The girls will have an opportunity to think about why they are thankful for each member of their family.  Allow the girls to share this within their small group. 



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