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Friendship Life Skills Required Merit

      1.      Talk about friendship in your small group.  What are some characteristics of a good friend?  What are some characteristics of a bad friend? What do you want to be?


     Act out what you would do in the following situations:

·       Your best friend had a fight with her brother and she is very angry.

·       You saw one of your friends fall off the monkey bars.  She is lying on the ground crying.

·       Your little brother is frustrated because he cannot figure out a math problem.

·       Your friend’s grandma passed away.

·       A friend forgot her lunch at school.

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      2.     Conflict happens when two people disagree.  Learn how to handle conflict in a positive way.  Draw two different pictures.  One should show the wrong way to handle a conflict (i.e., yelling, throwing things, hitting someone) and one should show the right way to handle a conflict.

            Pick a scenario from below:

·           A friend borrows something from you and does not give it back.

·           Your neighbor breaks your favorite American Girl doll and blames it on you.

·           A friend at school steals her friend’s markers and blames you.

·           You disagree with your parents about how much time you should play your ipod.



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     3.     Learning to listen.  Something conflict happens because you think you heard something that a friend might have said.  Practice active listening to prevent understandings.

·       Sit facing your friend.

·       Maintain eye contact with your friend while you are listening.

·       Have her tell you something (it can be real or made up).

·       Practice repeating what you heard (i.e., I heard you say …).  Repeat what you heard.  Then end with “Is that what you meant?”

·       If she says no, ask her to rephrase what she said.  Then repeat the previous step.

·       Continue until the two of you agree on what was said.

·       Switch roles.

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       4.      Make a friendship bracelet and give it to a friend.

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       5.     Have each girl in your small group write down two problems she faces.  Put all of the papers into a hat.  Find a partner and pick out one piece of paper.  Together act out the problem.  Everyone else watches and offers solutions.  Repeat until everyone has had a chance to participate.

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       6.      Many people are different from you.  Some have different color hair or different color skin.  Some have blue eyes and some have brown eyes.  Everybody has something to share and we need to appreciate everyone’s differences.


     Pick a partner.  Talk about all of the ways that you and your partner are similar (favorite subject at school, number in your family, height, favorite color).  Then interview each other and find out some of the ways you are different.  Last, find out what the other person’s talents are.  Report back to your small group.


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