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Healthy Body Merit

1.       Self-Esteem.  God only gave you one body, and you need to learn to take care of it.  No one has a body just like yours.  Some girls are bigger and some girls are smaller.  You are the only you that God has made.  You are uniquely designed by God for His purpose.  There is no one best body.  If you take care of your body, you can feel good about yourself.

                Write down all of the things you like about yourself: ___________________________________



                How has God made you unique? Draw yourself in the space below.











2.       Exercise. One of the ways you can have a healthy body is to be active.  There are a lot of activities you can do that provide exercise for your body.  In the space provided below, write down some of your favorite physical activities.





Benefits of exercise:


·         Heart - _________________________________________________________________

·         Muscles - _______________________________________________________________

·         Bones - _________________________________________________________________

                How many minutes should you exercise every day?___________________________________

                What activities can you do with your family?__________________________________________

Checking Your Heart Rate Activity.  Find your carotid artery.  Practice counting your heart rate.  In your small group, have your leader tell you when to begin counting.  Count the number of heart beats in 30 seconds and multiply that number by two.  This is your resting heart rate.


My Resting Heart Rate _________________


Participate in some type of physical activity for two minutes.  Have your leader time the activity.  Immediately sit down when the two minutes is up, find your carotid artery.  Have your leader tell you when to begin counting.  Count the number of heart beats in 30 seconds and multiply by two.  This is your exercise heart rate.


My Exercise Heart Rate _________________


Did your heart rate go up or down? ____________.  Discuss why your heart rate changed during exercise.  Discuss why this change makes your heart healthy.


Leader Initial, Date


3.       Flexibility. Stretching is another way to keep your muscles healthy.  A period of warming up your body combined with some stretching exercises will keep your muscles flexible and healthy.

Stretching Activity:  Participate in a stretching lab with your group.  Teach the girls how to perform a static stretch (move into a position where the muscle is tight, hold for 20 – 30 seconds).
Identify the following muscles as they are stretched:

                                hamstring - figure 4 on the floor
                                quadriceps - lie on side, bend knee and pull foot back
                                gastrocnemius - stand up with one foot in front of the other, lean forward on the front                                                                 let slowly bending knee
                                back - sit with legs extended out in front, lean over
                                groin – butterfly, push down knees

Leader Initial, Date

4.       Emotional Health is the ability to identify how you are feeling and to cope appropriately with your feelings.  Discuss different types of feelings (happy, sad, frustration, anger, surprise) and how to cope appropriately with those feelings.  Talk about each feeling in your small group.  Talk about how to appropriately express and cope with each feeling.  Provide examples.

Leader Initial, Date


 5.       Hygiene.  Keeping clean is another important thing you can do to keep your body healthy.  Discuss the importance of hygiene and how keeping clean can keep you healthy.  Talk specifically about washing hands, showering, washing hair, cleaning fingernails, and brushing teeth.  How often should you:

                Wash your hands?_______________________________________________________________

                Wash your face?________________________________________________________________

                Wash your hair?________________________________________________________________


                Brush your teeth?_______________________________________________________________

Washing Hands Activity:  Teach the girls how to correctly wash their hands.  Take the girls into the restroom.  Have each girl apply soap and wash their hands while singing ‘Happy Birthday” twice.

Leader Initial, Date

6.        Controlling Disease.  Germs can be spread through either direct contact with someone who is sick or through droplets in the air.  Provide examples for the girls of how someone who is sick can spread their germs to others.  The girls can protect themselves and their friends by the “Three foot Rule” and by Sneeze Protection.


Three foot rule - ________________________________________________________________

Sneezing protection _____________________________________________________________


When you are sick, you need to be careful not to get your friends are family sick.  What are some symptoms that you are sick?  Write them down in the space provided below.





What can you do to help yourself feel better? ________________________________________





Leader Initial, Date




Merit Completed: ______________________________

                                  Leader signature, Date

Posted April 2009