Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Marshmallow Fun Night

Description: This event is usually within the first month of Brave Hearts meetings. It is a great way for girls to meet each other and intermingle with all the other “Hearts”. As the craft for the night, the girls are taught how to make the marshmallow shooters out of PVC pipes. Then they can decorate them with stickers and markers and all kinds of available accessories. It does not take long to make and decorate the shooters. Once all the Brave Hearts are gathered, they are taught how to use their shooter using small marshmallows. All the girls are then lined up and sent outside to an open grassy area where they run around for about 30 minutes blowing marshmallows at each other (and especially at the leaders).

While the Brave Hearts are shooting marshmallows, a volunteer can build a bonfire and then have the Brave Hearts make s’mores a few at a time. Then they all sit down and listen to a story or sing a few worship songs. This time can be used for other activities if you choose. Marshmallows will be everywhere, so line up some girls (usually the older ones, like Adventure Hearts) at one end of the grass area, give them bags, and have them pick up as many marshmallows as they can. Parents can pick up their kids outside or the girls can be taken back inside to be picked up.

Preparation: A few weeks before Marshmallow Fun Night, the girls are asked to bring a pair of dad’s old socks (with his permission) to put over their shoes. This provides better traction while running on the grass, prevents their shoes from getting sticky, and helps keep the grass looking nice. This is something unique to our particular venue, so this is only recommended, not required.

PVC parts are purchased beforehand, pre-cut and assorted parts for each shooter are placed in individual bags.

When the girls arrive on Marshmallow Fun Night, they are given a bag of pre-cut parts and leaders can help the girls assemble the shooters during the craft time. Other tables will have the craft accessories for the girls to decorate their shooters with stickers, markers, etc. Have them write their names on their shooter because they often get lost or misplaced.

Bring several bags of small marshmallows. Bring enough firewood, lighter fluid, kindling, etc. for the bonfire. Also bring enough s’more supplies for all your Brave Hearts and leaders: s’more prongs (or unwound metal hangers), large marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars, napkins, cups and water.

Execution: Upon arrival to Brave Hearts that evening, hand each girl a bag of parts and instruct them on how to make their shooter and how they can decorate it. Once craft time is over, have all the girls sit down to be instructed on how to use their shooters. To save time, do not have Opening Ceremonies that evening. This is to allow plenty of time to instruct the girls on how to use their shooters and to put their “big” socks over their shoes. You may need the leaders to help the girls get their socks on over their shoes before they all line up to go outside.

Have a few leaders stand around the grass area holding bags of small marshmallows. The girls can come up to them to get more marshmallows, a small handful at a time. This is when most chaos occurs so have the leaders tell the girls they do not get any marshmallows unless they ask politely and wait their turn. Try not to let them just keep asking for more marshmallows to throw at each other. If you teach them how to shoot, they usually want to try to get their friends with marshmallows by blowing them out of their shooters, as long as you are persistent and encouraging to them when they get it right. For some girls, it is difficult to coordinate the big breath to propel the marshmallow from the shooter, but they will eventually get it.

About 20 minutes into the marshmallow shooting, have the Lil’ Hearts line up near the bonfire to start the process of making s’mores. Have more supervision over the Lil’ Hearts by having leaders help them hold their marshmallow over the flames. They can participate in the sandwiching of the s’more and eating part. To expedite this part of the evening, have two graham cracker halves and a square of chocolate on napkins set up on a table. The girls can then bring their marshmallow over and a leader can help “sandwich” the s’more.

In approximately 10 minute waves you can repeat the process with the Discovery Hearts and the Adventure Hearts until all of them are eventually sitting near the bonfire listening to a story or singing songs. We have had story-telling before, skits performed by the Adventure Hearts and leaders, and worship songs led with a guitar. You can essentially do whatever you would prefer during this time. It is a great time for all the girls to bond outside the walls of the regular Brave Hearts room. A change of scenery does wonders for bonding, so be creative and have fun with this event. If parents have not come to pick up their kids by closing time, you can line up the girls and take them back inside where parents usually pick them up.