Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Origami Elective Merit

The purpose of this merit is to introduce the girls to the art of basic origami.  Origami is the art of folding a piece of paper (typically a square) into something recognizable without using glue, tape or scissors The girls will learn basic paper folding techniques and then will be able to learn how to fold a variety of designs gradually increasing in difficulty throughout the merit.  The goal is for the girls to make a fun variety of designs.  The designs may vary from girl to girl.


Lesson #1:  Basic origami instructions including origami lines, arrows, and how to make a rectangular piece of paper into a square.


Lesson #2:  Learn how to make a basic design using less than 10 folds to create their object.  Examples can include the following: fox, hat, lamb, and frog.


Lesson #3:  Learn how to make intermediate designs  using between 10 and 15 folds including the fortune teller and star.


Lesson #4:  Learn how to make advanced designs using more than 15 folds.  If this level is too difficult for some of the girls, they can continue to make intermediate and basic designs.

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