Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Pinewood Derby Elective Merit

The purpose of this merit is to teach the girls how to design, paint, decorate, and participate in racing their Pinewood Derby creations.  This merit takes approximately six weeks to complete.


       1.     Design a derby creation using paper and pencil to draft the creation.  The design is only limited to the girl’s imagination.  Designs can be modeled after cars, trucks, planes, or can be just a creation of the child’s imagination.

       2.     Work with an adult to fine tune the creation for cutting/carving.

       3.     Use sand paper to create a smooth finish on the creation.

       4.     Select and paint your creation.

       5.     Compete your creation in a Pinewood Derby competition.  The  child's design can either be entered to race on a Derby track or entered into a "design" category (no actual racing involved). This allows the car to have no weight restrictions.




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Revised 5.11