Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Quilting Elective Merit

*This merit should have adult supervision throughout the process to ensure the safety of the child.




1.  Thread needle.                                                                                                        _____


2.  Tie a knot in the end of the thread.                                                                        _____


3.  Sew in a straight line keeping the stitches the same size and distance apart.        _____


4.  Sew four blocks of material together.                                                                    _____


5.  Sew on a border.                                                                                                    _____


6.  Connect a bottom piece of material to the top piece of material.                          _____


7.  Stuff the quilt.                                                                                                        _____


8.  Quilt the project.                                                                                                    _____



Project Completed:_______________________________ ________________

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