Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Rawhide Ranch Elective Merit

*Girls must be age 7 in order to attend the Rawhide Ranch camp weekend.

The purpose of this merit is to allow the girls to experience a weekend immersed in an equestrian camp.  During this merit the girls will learn basic horsemanship, animal science, horse science, beginning vaulting, and animal care including cleaning stalls, and feeding/watering all types of ranch animals.

Girls will stay in forts and/or cabins under the care of Brave Heart adult supervision.  The girls sleep in bunk beds surrounded by their age-appropriate peers.  Younger girls may be more comfortable having their moms along for the trip.  The youngest girls will be in their own fort housed together with their mothers.

The weekend starts on Friday afternoon at check-in and continues through until Sunday afternoon wherein the girls all participate in the horse show.  The Rawhide Ranch staff ensures that the girls are kept busy following their set schedule including wake-up and lights out times.

All of the girls eat together in the mess hall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  A snack time is also provided daily.  Girls can bring extra money to purchase snack items.

Other camp activities include country line dancing, arts and crafts projects, camp Olympics, camp fire, Sunday morning church service, and sing along. 

Along with all of the fun camp activities, the goal of the Brave Hearts program is to provide opportunities for the girls to develop deeper relationships with each other, their mentor leaders, and in their personal relationship with God. 

The requirements for the completion of this merit including the following:

       1.     Participation in a minimum of one session in pony showmanship.

       2.     Participation in a minimum of one session in beginning vaulting.

       3.     Participation in horseback riding including demonstration on how to properly stop, turn, back up, walk, and trot a horse.

       4.     Demonstration on how to properly mount and dismount a horse.

       5.     Demonstration on how to clean a stall, feed, and water ranch animals.

       6.     Participation in a minimum of one animal science education class.

       7.     Participation in final horse show as evidenced by the awarding of a RR ribbon or trophy.


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 Revised 5.11