Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Safety Skill Merit

1. Lesson one: Safety overview. Talk about safety with the girls in your small group. What does the word “safety” mean?

2. Lesson two: Safety on Wheels. Review risks and safety issues with skateboards, roller blades, cars, and bicycles. Review safety equipment for each.

3. Lesson three: Safety in the Water. Discuss safety procedures that should be taken while swimming including always swimming with a buddy, taking swimming lessons, avoiding risky behaviors around a pool, and safety measures when swimming at the beach (rip currents, rogue waves, lifeguard assistance).

4. Lesson four: Stranger Danger. Talk about personal and physical safety. including "buddy systems" and common ways in which children are lured into cars. Discuss appropriate and inappropriate touching of body parts and what the girls should do if that line is ever crossed.

5. Lesson five: Safety at Home. Review safety dangers in each of the following areas: kitchen, garage, bathroom, backyard, and front yard.

6. Lesson six: Responding to an Emergency. Discuss the number to call in an emergency; what is an emergency; how to respond to an emergency.

Merit was completed on ______________. _______________________ (date) (Leader/Parent Signature)

Revised 5.14.14