Brave Hearts Girls Ministry

Brave Hearts Event Scholarship Application

Scholarships are available for Brave Heart girls for special events, trips, and for uniforms.  Event scholarships will be offered for the Brave Heart girls only unless there is a medical hardship for your daughter and your presence is required to assist your daughter.  Please feel free to contact me via my email address if you have any questions or concerns.


I am requesting an event scholarship for_____________________________________ for the following event: _____________________________________ on _____________________.

                                            (name of event)                                                    (today’s date)


I am also requesting a scholarship for myself due to a medical hardship.  Yes _____ No _____

Please explain the medical condition:_____________________________________________



Please check one of the following:


_____ I am able to contribute $_______ towards the event.


_____ I am unable to contribute any money, but am interested in helping the BH program with the following:

·       Special Event:_____ Marshmallow Fun Night
                       _____ Christmas Craft Night
                       _____ Christmas Caroling
                       _____ Pinewood Derby
                       _____ Passion for Excellence Dinner/Silent Auction

·       Weekly Meeting:_______________________________

·       Monthly Shopping Mall:_________________________

·       Providing Snack (list group):______________________


Parent Contact Information:




Address: (street, city, zip)_______________________________________________________


Phone: (include area code)______________________________________________________


Email: ______________________________________________________________________


We value your daughter’s participation in the Brave Hearts’ program. 


Mrs. Terry Zeigler
Brave Hearts Senior Leader
Newport Mesa Church


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