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Self Defense Red Merit

Safety Do’s and Don’ts


If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, or if you think someone will hurt you:


·         ____ RUN FOR HELP.  Drop everything and run quickly

·         ____ SHOUT FOR HELP. Shout as loud as you can and keep it up until help arrives.


When walking:


·         ____ walk with a friend.

·         ____ take shortcuts through dark alleys, deserted buildings, or parks.


At home:


·         ____ answer a stranger’s questions on the phone, even if the voice sounds nice.

·         ____ tell anyone that you are home alone.

·         ____ open the door to a stranger.


When home alone, you should know some special rules to follow when you answer the phone.


·         ____ call a parent, a close neighbor you trust, or the police if you receive a phone call that worries you.  Tell that person about the phone calls.  Ask for someone to stay with you until the adults are home.

·         ____ call 911 if you feel frightened.

·         ____ tell the caller that you are in the house by yourself.  If he or she asks for your mom or dad, just tell the caller that your mom or dad cannot come to the phone right now.

·         ____ give out any information to the caller.  Just ask for their name and phone number and say that someone will return the call.


In parks and play areas:


·         ____ play where you can be seen by the person taking care of you.

·         ____ play in deserted, out-of-the-way places.

·         ____ leave school grounds during breaks or recess.

·         ____ play around construction sites, mining sites, train yards, or any place with trucks.

·         ____ play in discarded refrigerators, sinks, or empty crates and boxes.





If a stranger approaches you:


·         ____ go near his or her car, even if the person says your mom or dad said it’s OK.

·         ____ even get into a conversation.

·         ____ believe any message he or she gives you.

·         ____ take candy, gum, or gifts.

·         ____ go with a stranger into an elevator or building.


            If a stranger grabs you:

·         ____ scream, bite, kick, and punch until he or she lets you go.


When using a public restroom:

·         ____ take someone you know with you.

·         ____ lock the door to the restroom stall.

·         ____ talk to strangers or let them near you.


Activity:  Practice what you would say and do in these situations:


  1. A woman you don’t know comes up to you on the playground and asks you to help her find her lost puppy.
  2. You are separated from your parents at Disneyland.
  3. A neighbor says or does something that makes you feel uncomfortable while she or he is taking care of you.
  4. You go to a friend’s house and she finds a gun in her parent’s closet.


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If you see something suspicious or a stranger approaches you, try to remember the following and tell an adult:

·         What happened?

·         Where did it happen?

·         When did it happen?

·         What did the person look like? How big? How old? Man or woman? Boy or girl? Hair color? Eye color? Skin color? Did the person wear glasses? What kinds of clothing? Any special marks or scars?

·         If the person was in a car, what did the car look like? Did the license plate look different from the license plate for your home state? Can you remember the license plate number? Did the car look new or old? Was the car scratched or dented?







Activity: Practice making an emergency phone call to 911.  Think of some emergencies and practice making pretend phone calls.  One person can be the emergency operator and the other can pretend to make the phone call.


  1. Tell you are. “Hello, my name is______________”.
  2. Tell where you are.  “I am at___________________________.”
  3. Tell what the emergency is. “This is an emergency. ______________.”
  4. Try to stay calm and follow directions.


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Self-Defense Moves


  • Single punch
  • Double punch
  • Triple punch
  • Inner block
  • Upper block
  • Elbow punches
  • Escape moves
  • Front kick
  • Side kick


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